Easily configured for specific care areas.


Enterprise platform built for organizations of all sizes.


Protects PHI through secure, read-only interfaces with any EHR

Clinical service leaders can customize as many templates as needed to meet care area workflows

  • Web-based, administrative access to the “Template Editor” allows for efficient management of templates (add, change, etc.)

  • The library is preset with the I-PASS Institute’s pre-configured templates

  • Ability to update in real time reduces dependencies on hospital IT staff and facilitates rapid cycle improvement

  • Fully encrypted to ensure industry standards for privacy and security

I-PASS eVIEW Benefits

Handoff templates organized with critical I-PASS data elements, at your fingertips

  • Template elements are customized to each clinical unit’s needs

  • EHR fields auto-populate in real time

  • Other I-PASS fields are easily accessed and edited

  • Sort by criteria such as illness severity or patient name

  • Landscape PDFs can be printed for use during the handoff

  • Font size can be adjusted by user preference

  • In the print view, notes margins can be toggled on/off to facilitate verbal handoff support

Discover how I-PASS eVIEW can facilitate written handoffs in the I-PASS format.