Bundled Solutions for Residency Programs


I-PASS® is an evidence-based package of interventions created to reduce communication failures during patient handoffs and transitions of care. The I-PASS Institute was developed to facilitate large-scale implementations of I-PASS. It has developed, and is operationalizing, cloud-based solutions which support our coaching and program management services.

Benefits of I-PASS Adoption

Do Your Residents Use a Standardized Process in Transitions of Care?

Think about these questions in relation to your program:

  • Does your program focus on transitions of care?
  • Do your residents use a standardized form of communication during handoffs?
  • Do you measure adherence to this communication method?
  • Do you measure the impact of this communication method on reductions in patient harm?
  • Has your written handoff document been adapted by care area?
  • Does your written handoff document integrate with your EHR?
  • Is your program meeting the ACGME Transitions of Care Requirements?

If your response is “No” to any of the above, the I-PASS Patient Safety Institute can support you in answering “Yes”, and becoming ACGME compliant. Our bundle of interventions has been optimized for implementations with residency programs.

ACGME Common Program Requirements Section VI

Section VI.E.3. Transitions of Care1

VI.E.3.a Programs must design clinical assignments to optimize transitions in patient care, including their safety, frequency, and structure.(Core)
VI.E.3.b Programs, in partnership with their Sponsoring Institutions, must ensure and monitor effective, structured hand-over processes to faciliate both continuity of care and patient safety.(Core)
VI.E.3.c Progams must ensure that residents are competent in communicating with team members in the hand-over process.(Outcome)

1Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. (2017). ACGME Common Program Requirements. Retrieved from https://www.acgme.org/Portals/0/PFAssets/ ProgramRequirements/CPRs_2017-07-01.pdf

I-PASS Process for Adoption and Sustainment: Residency Specific Data

Adherence Data

This graph depicts overall adherence to the I-PASS mnemonic among residents in programs implementing with the I-PASS Institute.

Patient Harms Reduction Data

This bar chart depicts the reduction in provider-reported patient harms in residency programs implementing with the I-PASS Institute.

Transitions of Care Needs Assessment

Is Your Program Compliant with ACGME Common Program Requirements, Section VI?

We are currently offering an I-PASS Needs Assessment engagement to help residency programs assess the current state of their transitions of care, and assess their compliance with the ACGME Common Program Requirements, Section VI.

Needs Assessment Scope of Services

  • As a first step, our experienced team of I-PASS Coaches will conduct a series of calls, as well as a 1.5-day site-visit to assess the current state of handoff communication within your residency program.
  • After the site-visit, our team will provide a report detailing key observations of your program’s current state, and recommendations for modifying the structure around transitions of care moving forward. These will be built on your program’s observed strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • The I-PASS team will work to facilitate the development of a shared mental model among your team members in regards to the importance of standardized handoff communication during transitions of care.

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