We’ve closed an  investment round!

The I-PASS Institute has been supported through by many individuals who share our commitment for patient safety!

We are very pleased to have completed a “crowdfunding” offering in February 2018, through which 150 individual investors participated.

Among those investors who participated are:

Prasanna Airody
Shirley Cheung
Amy Cima
Nancy Floyd
Morris Gelman
John Gluth
Lewis Golden
Rebecca Hehn
Jeffrey Johnson
Glenn Lepene
Richard Lumnah
Rikesh Makanji
Junaid Mian
Bruce Mortensen
Robert Noack
Mathias Obenauer III
Valentin Ruiz
Sudhir Sahay
Zum Shahriare
David Shane
Kyriacos Skevas
Erik Talvola
Armand Van Deun
Jason West
Jonathan West
Michael West
John Young

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