Amy J. Starmer, MD, MPH

Dr. Starmer is a Founder and Board Member of the I-PASS Institute, and a member of the Executive Council of the I-PASS Study Group. Dr. Starmer works as a general pediatrician, as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, and is the Director of Primary Care Quality Improvement and Associate Medical Director of Quality in the Department of Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. She served as the Project Leader for the I-PASS pilot study, the multicenter I-PASS Study, and the Society for Hospital Medicine I-PASS Mentored Implementation Project. Through these roles, Dr. Starmer led the development of the I-PASS Handoff Program, serving as co-chair of the I-PASS Study Education Executive Committee, and has been directly responsible for overseeing the implementation and dissemination of the I-PASS Handoff Program in more than 40 institutions. For the I-PASS Institute, Dr. Starmer continues to lead efforts to oversee the implementation of all aspects of the I-PASS Handoff Program for partner institutions. She also leads the development of I-PASS Institute technologies and tools that streamline handoff improvement efforts, including software to enhance the handoff observation process as well as I-PASS standardized handoff tools that interface with electronic medical record systems.